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Our domain “flyfbi.com” had expired and unfortunately the company that was hosting our domain was bought out so when they sent us the renewal notices we did not recognize them and treated it as spam until I received calls from our customers informing me that our site had been hacked.  It turns out that the minute it expired it was purchased by some idiot forcing us to start over with a new domain of “fly-fbi.com”.  The shopping cart we were using for our e-commerce store was also linked to that domain shutting down our store forcing us to start over there as well.  So as long as we had to start over we revamped the web store and hopefully it will work out better in the long run.  Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused some of you but we are back up and running.


Black max has developed a new Slave Cylinder that allows you to hook up dual control braking system.  (Pilot/Co-Pilot)  When you apply braking pressure with the master cylinder, the pressure flows right through the Slave Cylinder to the caliper(s).  The slave cylinder located in the middle of the circuit will also supply pressure to the calipers when the piston is pressed.  The 44962 slave cylinder is a more compact design that does not have a built in reservoir.  I can be used as a stand alone master cylinder when used with the BX-RESERVOIR-KIT.


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