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This could be you. 

Let’s get your kit going soon

Choose your options, instruments and colors.

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Here is the prefect plane available “Ready To Fly” factory built for those of you who don’t get excited about building your own plane and just want to fly.  We’ll be happy to put together the perfect combination for you including engine, prop, instrumentation, and other available accessories.

Feel free to contact us by phone or email and we will customize your plane to match your desires. 

1-800-850-3708 or Email Sales Department

LiteSport Ultra Kits
Starting at $6,995.00                up to $9.995.00
Power Plant Sold Separately
LS-Ultra underside II-r
LS-Ultra underside-r
LS-Ultra Side view II-r
Fat guy in a little plane III-r02
Fat guy in a little plane II-r

I’m Eric Grina, I weigh 250lbs and I’m 6’2” tall.  I have tons of head clearance and this thing is a piece of cake to get in and out of. 

Need more runways?

Try it out on Floats

We build these things in Minnesota, it only makes sense to take advantage of our 16,000 run ways.

Ultra Floats fly-by-2
Ultra Floats shore
Ultra Floats fly-by-3
Ultra Floats taxi 2
Ultra Floats fly-by-4
Ultra Floats Landing 1
Ultra Floats fly-by-504
Ultra Floats Landing 2
Ultra Floats fly-by-6
Ultra Floats taxi 1

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