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The New FreeBird 103 was computer designed to assure our goal of making a legal 254lb ultralight was possible with 3 axis control, steerable nose wheel, and the Black Max hydraulic brake system.  So far the weights are coming in exactly as projected

We are using the same basic wing design that we used on our LS-Ultra, however, the fuselage was totally redesigned to shave weight without compromising integrity.

Got to get the plane to a longer runway to do some more testing.  We are gong to make some modifications to the elevator control.      (Video footage of first test)



The exhaust system is going to mount perfectly beneath the root tube.  We are going to modify the wing with a silica fabric, which can handle temps of 1800 degrees, around the exhaust system to protect the sail material.

FreeBird Ultralite side375
FreeBird Ultralite iso 375
FreeBird Ultralite front 375

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