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New Products Manufactured by FBI,Inc.

AirWave Vortex Generator


Polycarbonate with UV protective additive

FBI has designed the new AirWave Vortex Generators at an affordable price.  The data is there to show how well these thing work but most vendors price them so high that it just doesn’t seem worth it to give them it a try.

$54.95 for a 100pcs kit. Enough to do your wings and now you can experience for yourself what everyone is talking about.

Hydraulic Brake System


Complete Hydraulic Brake System Including Wheels and Tires.

Stop On A Dime...

Without Spending

        A Fortune ...

Comfortlite Seats


FBI has designed a new folding light weight seat weighing in at under 6 pounds.  No more hips digging into the side of those old fiberglass seats.  The seat base and frame is made from 6061-T6 aluminum and covered with a breathable nylon sling back cover that molds to the contour of your back. 

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