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Eric Grina & Keith LeCleir founded Free Bird Innovations, Inc. (FBI) of Detroit Lakes, MN in 2003   218-847-2862 www.fly-fbi.com,

Our passion for Ultralight Aircraft started with a used finished Quick Silver we purchased off of eBay.  We figured out how to put it together in my garage on winter day so the only thing we had to do now is learn how to fly this thing.  Unable to find an ultralight instructor in our area we trained in a Piper Tomahawk and learned enough to go fly that MX.  The first time in the air we were hooked.   Now the only problem we faced was taking turns.  We definitely needed another plane so that we could go flying together instead of waiting for each others turn.  It was Eric’s idea to start an ultralight company and build our own.  That way we could have a plane for free.  Nothing is free.  We have made huge investments in order to get this thing off the ground.  Since then the company has evolved and has great success making accessory products for the sport aircraft industry.


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